TradBit Token [ First Priority ]

At the present time the highest use case of all crypto-currency is Trading. and we love to work with it.

Ok, Now we want to you to clear about TradBit project. Well space has lots of good working projects and different types of crypto-protocol to fill the need of present requirement. but issues are always there and with crypto, security of funds value is a big issue, specially with new coins/tokens.

we and all crypto-enthusiasts have seen the worst part of crypto investment. Yes, that is no value any time, specially with new projects .we have seen some project mostally don’t talk about price and only about project future and on....

So, we planned to create a token with first priority to focused on the Traders/investor. we decided to choose a stable coin like usdt but we found our token will grow like others do at the time of beginning. it takes a long time to grow a project and it’s natural, most of the time.

Then we decided to skip this long waiting part and deploy TBT insurance based on the Ethereum.

we are gonna take both (ETH & TBT) advantage the the same investment time.

when you invest in TBT, othere side we let you enter the ethereum because of our min. rate insurance on ethereum and TBT rate not gonna down below 0.001 ETH. ( And we increase the rate line with time for sure : )

stay connected with us. we have a lot of planning for TBT and it’s future, but right now we are only share things on which we are working on. stay connected with us.

TradBit Team.