we planned to deploy TBT value insurance on ethereum. we always monitor and insure TBT rate with ethereum .

WY WEEKEND MONITORING : we don’t wanna interfere in trading nature, that’s why we only monitor all market every weekend and insured the value will always up than the base line. WHY ETHEREUM BASE : there is many reasons but in sort the main reason behind it is, at this time(Q3-2019), when ETH is 2nd most valuable, trusted, real life uses and activate team support Currency, although it is still under value. ETH have lots of potential to go much higher . when ETH move TBT automatically grow, if anyhow ETH not moving as expected, there is nothing to worry about TBT, our team and marketing are fully independent. we are doing & will our best for TBT future. here is a simple blueprint of our strategy for TBT : @ scenario…. 1. When ETH start mooning again ,TBT will get direct effected . 2. If ETH not moving, TBT also work great with burning and base line strategy . 3. And when ETH and TBT both start growing, the best moment come for dual moon . [IF you wanna invest in ETH, think about TBT] TradBit team.